Masha Kontchakova


Through my experiences as Head of Communication for international luxury groups such as Vitra and La Cornue, I have realized the luck of communication support in artisan market.

I have founded MKGB agency in 2013 with the idea to offer to French artisan makers a dedicated external communication service. It is absolutely vital for these workshops who want to get international to create an image and spray it out worldwide. Unluckily their small structures don’t allow them to have this service internally.

My agency centralize all communication professions and acts on behalf of clients. Together we organize different actions accordingly to each client’s objective :  conceive the speech, create new tools to promote company and it’s products, manage digital marketing, solicit prescribers, organise launch, fair or event, manage dealer’s network, coordinate PR agencies….

As annual contract or temporary mission, my services allows to stay flexible and yet efficient in communication of each client.